Monday, 20 May 2013

Sunday Social Report

Movie night! The movies in question were Zero Dark Thirty (which was, typical of a movie based on true events, rather long and with a somewhat wandering plot) and the remake of the 1984 fictional-war-drama Red Dawn. Which not fantastic, it had Chris Hemsworth in it, so it all evened out.

$10-ish for the rental of two movies.

Night in.

Night in.

Night in.

As a going away celebration for one of the editors at work, the editorial and graphics design staff  took a two-hour long lunch break and abandoned their posts for Moxie's. I promise you that spending a lunch with a bunch of editor's who have found a grammatically weak menu is extremely amusing.

Lunch was free 'cause work paid for it (yay!).


Two words: Star. Trek.

'Nuff said.

$25 for two tickets, and about $80 for our decision to hit up the Keg afterwards.

With some arm twisting and convincing, the tom cat and I managed to convince a friend who works in the area to swing by after her shift was over. We proceeded to explore a nearby city and found a series of hiking trails that range from "light jaunt" to "hope like hell that you're in shape."

The hiking of one of these trails will take place in June.

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