Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday Social Report

After reviewing my week, I've decided to include the dates that the tom cat and I go out on. If I didn't do this, my social life would seem way too sad  and that won't do. 

Night in.

A buddy of mine came over for a few hours. We hung out and... didn't do all that much.

$1.50 for the bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Night in.

Night in.

Night in.

Saturday doubled as both a date-night and a chance for my car, which has had the plates taken off because we don't actually need two cars, to be driven around for a bit. 

After leaving the city behind, we made our way to one of the area's many seawalls. We walked along there for about an hour before deciding that we should go see a movie in on the the big city's theaters.

Which didn't actually happen.

$35 for temporary car insurance.

The reason why I'm only able to post my Sunday Social Report on Monday can be summed up in two words -- Iron Man. A surprisingly good movie (at least, when considering the previous two films) involving iron, men and stuff blowing up.

$37 dollars for the 3D movies tickets and accompanying candy.
-$25 from the gift card left over from Christmas.
$9 total cost.

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