Monday, 13 May 2013

Sunday Social Report (Kind of)

I've already admitted that I don't have the most exciting social life, and that's one of the things I would like to change now that I've made the big move to the big city. So, when school let out back in April, complete with unofficial-pub-graduation-ceremony for the many successful friends I'd made over the years, I thought "great! Time to switch things up!"

Then the internship came around.

Now, this editorial internship is absolutely phenomenal. The others I work with are wonderfully friendly and extremely helpful; there is no such thing as a stupid question in my new position. Plus, the editor-in-chief is completely okay with his entire editorial team getting up and leaving for 20 minutes to take advantage of Happy Hour at Starbucks.

Unfortunately, between the early mornings, eight-hour days and two-plus-hour commutes, my social life has turn into this:

Night in!

Going to bed early (occasionally passing out by about seven o'clock) because I'm exhausted.

This Mother's Day/my birthday involved a fair amount of running around. The morning involved meeting up with the Tom Cat's parent's and brother to find a back-up restaurant that didn't have an hour-plus wait time for brunch. We found such a restaurant with a half-hour wait time, a White Spot, and used up our wait time... waiting.

Afterwards, the Tom Cat and I hunted down an ice cream cake for my family birthday and stopped by his parent's place to make sure that they knew where they were going for the birthday party. (It was at my parent's house, but the Tom Cat's father, who was driving, gets lost easily.)

Regular birthday family gathering, cake eating and present opening occurred, and then the Tom Cat and I made our way back to our big city basement suite by seven o'clock because I was tired.

Cost: $65 for a brunch for five and $30 for an over-priced ice cream cake.

So, busy Big City readers, I have a question for all of you: how do you manage your work/life/family/etc. balance so that you can manage to maintain a social life? 

Any suggestions will be embraced and idolized.

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