Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Night Out to Remember

There are a few major reasons that I don’t normally go out on Saturday nights – one, that I don’t know the great places from the not-so-great and I can’t stomach the idea of waiting in line for hour to get into a sleazy bar filled with 40-year old perverts and, two, a busy school schedule leaves me with little time for cultivating social life. 

Fortunately, the semester ended this week, ridding me of the latter. 

That, coupled with the fact that many of my friends and classmates were graduating from our program today meant one thing: get together and hang out at a bar. 

While a dimly lit pub not 10 minutes walking distance from my college was not really what I meant when I vowed to “explore the big city” – after all, it’s not even in the aforementioned city that needs exploring -  it most definitely does qualify as dusting off my long-buried social life and exposing it to the world.

$25 and just enough alcohol to loosen my tongue and decide that everyone in the group needed a hug resulted in a few interesting conversations about anime, our personal lives and, overall, a fairly entertaining evening.

That being said, I’ll raise my glass one last time (though I’m not actually holding a glass) to the amazing and successful grad class of 2013, and hope them the very best in the future.

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