Monday, 3 June 2013

Sunday Social Report

Ahh … Summer’s most definitely showing its face. I no longer have to pack my jacket all over the place (though my umbrella’s still a necessity), it’s staying light out until nine o’clock, and it’s actually sunny, rather than being “cloudy with a chance of sunshine.”
So, of course, I’m sitting on the living room couch, typing up a blog post for the enjoyment of others.


Night in.


Night in.


Waited at work for an extra hour so that the tom cat could pick me up, then spent another hour muscling our way through rush hour traffic. Finally managed to get to the suburb where the tom cat’s parents live.

Visited the parents and cuddled kitties for a bit before leaving with a fine layer of fur decorating our clothes.

$10 for honey almond nougat bought as an early Father’s Day present.


I recently discovered that my nerd-friend had, to the shame of nerds everywhere, not seen JJ Abrams’ first Star Trek movie. The result as a rather comical, hour-long scavenger hunt filled with the searching of movie shelves at the local rental place (something that is rare enough, itself), and phone calls to friends and employees of the aforementioned store.

$5-ish for a pre-movie dinner at Subway.


Night in.


No, this wasn't by the waterfalls. This was around the half-way point.

To commemorate the fact that it no longer gets dark at five o’clock, we went on a hike with a few buddies of ours. The six-hour excursion led to a rather dramatic waterfall that was most definitely being fed by copious amounts of late snow-melt.

Didn’t have to pay a dime … Yay!


“Walk around the hour stiffly and complain that your feet are sore” day.

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